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In this message, we see Paul’s prayers for the church in Philippi. He loves this church and prays that they would grow in their love for God and one in real knowledge and discernment. Which leads to what the results will look like if we live out this kind of living that Paul is praying [...]


This message begins our study into the book of Philippians. Join us as we dig into the first 8 verses of the book. Paul is excited and thankful for the Philippians church and their participation in the gospel. Text: Philippians 1:1-8 Time: 45:00




Crucified with Christ

Crucified with Christ

This passage of Scripture is a life verse for many Christians and rightly so. Paul is reminding us of the fact that each and every Christian has been crucified with Christ. He then proceeds to tell them that by faith he lives in light of what has taken place on the cross because of the [...]


The Resurrection of the Christ

The Resurrection of the Christ

This is the last message that was given as we concluded our study through the book of Mark. And as is fitting we end with the resurrection of our Lord.


Today in the book of Mark we come to the account that describes for us the crucifixion of the Messiah. Today we will see the ultimate suffering of Christ and yet we will rejoice in His glorious victory over sin and death. The sin and death that we all deserve that was placed on our [...]


In this passage, we will see the betrayal, the arrest, and the denial of our Lord. From every area of His life humanity forsook Him in every way. But in this passage we find reason to rejoice because He still went through with it, He still chose to endure what we could not. Text: Mark [...]


A Study on the Book of Malachi

A Study on the Book of Malachi

Text: Malachi Time: 38:00


The garden of Gethsemane was a place of suffering for Jesus before it was a place that gave Him the needed strength to endure what was coming. In this message we will discover what it was that Jesus was agonizing over and how He came out of that time with the Father strengthened and ready [...]


In this passage, we see Peter and the other apostles reject what Jesus says when He prophecies their desertion. They tell Him that they will stand strong when the persecution comes their way. Listen and hear why this kind of self-reliance is dangerous for the Christian. Text: Mark 14:27-31 Time: 38:00

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