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In this passage, we see Peter and the other apostles reject what Jesus says when He prophecies their desertion. They tell Him that they will stand strong when the persecution comes their way. Listen and hear why this kind of self-reliance is dangerous for the Christian. Text: Mark 14:27-31 Time: 38:00


A New Passover

A New Passover

Today we will see the first “Lord’s Supper” come about in the upper room in Jerusalem. We will be studying the importance of this blessed occasion and how we are to respond to the command to do this in remembrance of Him. Text: Mark 14:12-26 Time: 45:00


“A Sharp Contrast”

"A Sharp Contrast"

Today as we continue through the book of Mark we will see a sharp contrast between someone who rejects and betrays Jesus, with someone who pours out her all to Him. One found herself at the feet of Jesus and the other in the presence of wicked men. Text: Mark 14:1-11 Time: 38:00


Victory In Jesus

Victory In Jesus

The book of Revelation speaks of many things that are still to come. And this passage gives us one of them. The destruction of Babylon and evil in general, which then leads us to the marriage supper of the Lamb which is a glorious time that is coming for the believer. Text: Revelation 19:1-10 Time: [...]


Today as we look into God’s Word, we see Jesus teaching about the signs of what is to come and then He speaks of His own return when He will gather His people from the four corners of the earth. This passage should give us hope and comfort in our lives no matter what is [...]


This passage ends the days discussion with the religious leaders and Jesus in the temple that we have been studying for the last few weeks. Today, we see that it is Jesus’ turn to ask the question. And this is a very important question….. Text: Mark 12:35-44 Time: 40 min


In this message, we will continue to see Jesus’ response to questions from the religious leaders of His day. In this passage, we then get the greatest commandment delivered to us by Christ and a warning for us about what it takes to enter the Kingdom of God. Text: Mark 12:13-34 Time: 39 min


Simple Questions, Challenging Answers

Today is part of one in a two-part series where we will see the religious leaders of Jesus’ day once again challenging Him so as to trap Him. Listen in as we see Jesus’ masterful responses and teachings that are perfect for us even today. Text: Mark 12:13-34 Time: 36:00 min




A teaching on the 4th C of discipleship.


The Master’s Authority Questioned

The Master's Authority Questioned

The Master Jesus Christ’s authority is questioned by the religious elite of His day and it turns out to be one of the sharpest rebukes from Jesus towards these hard-hearted priests and scribes. In this parable, He likens them to tenants that kill His messengers and Himself, the Chief Corner Stone. Text: Mark 11:27-12:12 Time: [...]

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